Introducing – The Military History Network!

Military History Network is a brand new social platform purely for military history enthusiasts.

The site owners are collectors and enthusiasts who have set out to create a socially interactive platform to share ideas, pictures, stories, and knowledge of military history and to help promote and improve our hobby.
Their aims are to make Military History Network the home for anyone or any group that is interested in any aspect of military history.
You will find collectors from around the globe engaging and posting items for discussion.
Only there will you find such a concentration of highly knowledgeable collectors and dealers with authentic items, the information to answer questions you may have, and the ability to assist you in growing your collection.
Military History Network is politics free.
Members should feel free to exchange their ideas and engage in meaningful dialogue, negotiation, and education in a polite and professional way
Military History Network exists to encourage informative discussion and idea exchange on militaria from all historical eras free from any political agenda.
There purpose is to give militaria collectors, and enthusiasts a one stop website where they can research, discuss, sell, and grow their collection.
Military History Network is in its infancy and constantly getting input from the world’s top collectors and dealers in order to expand the service.
If your era of interest is not represented, feel free to start your own group and keep growing the community.
They have many new features in the works that will make researching and acquiring hard to find militaria collectables more accessible than ever before.
MHN is a complete alternative and response to Facebook closing groups without warning.

Please share MHN with your friends and help us build a global community of like minded enthusiasts.

The Android and iOS apps will be available soon.

Sign up here –

Features include –

– Create your profile
– Post on your timeline
– Follow other members to see their posts on your news feed
– Create public and private groups
– Write and publish articles
– Sell items in the market (patrons only)
– Create and join events
– + more coming soon

To keep up to date with all our news, you can get our  free Android app by clicking here.

Alternatively our iOS app is available free from the appstore here