Introducing the Detector Hub forum

A new forum has recently been launched for Metal Detectorist’s. We asked for a press release to introduce the Detector Hub to our readers. So on their behalf here’s the information about our newest forum.

We  launched a new detecting forum called The Detecting Hub earlier this month. It’s already an active forum and has attracted really top notch ID experts.

We want to bring together a load of like minded people who are responsible detectorists. The ones who love the history this hobby digs up.

It can compliment any Facebook groups you are active on.

Where we are different from Facebook though in that you can keep a record of your finds and the research and resources you share with each other. It becomes a place to refer to with experts who help each other identify finds and share tips. We aren’t full of adverts and we positively encourage debate between our members.

If you are new to the hobby or just in the market for new equipment then you can ask for advice and help, compare machines and spades, etc. and get unbiased views on the best stuff to spend your hard earned money on.

If that sounds like something you are interested in then why not join the community? It’s easy and free just go to We hope to see you there.

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