Under the new lockdown restrictions metal detecting is once again banned for individuals and groups, despite the acknowledged exercise aspect and mental health benefits.

Personally, I will not go detecting again until the bodies above change their stance and allow it, or lockdown ends and it is allowed again depending on what tier my area is in by then. I’m not taking this stance because I agree with the current rules, I am doing this as I do not want to get my landowners into trouble or bring the hobby into disrepute.

However, both Fishing and Rough Shooting for individuals, have been classed as exercise by Sport England and DCMS, so are allowed for the individual as long as other Covid 19 rules, such as staying local etc are followed.

So, I have contacted my MP, DCMS and Sport England to query why solo detecting is not also classed as exercise and request the rules be amended.

If you, as an individual believe that metal detecting should be treated in the same way as Fishing, then you can also express your opinion to those in charge of the decision making as detailed below.

Contact your MP
Your local MP has been elected to represent their constituents, it does not matter if you voted for them or not.
You can find out who your local MP is by visiting – https://members.parliament.uk/FindYourMP
The results page will show you the contact details for your MP, including email address, Twitter, postal address, telephone number etc

Contact the DCMS
The DCMS set the rules, including exemptions.
They can be contacted at:
Email – enquiries@dcms.gov.uk and/or enquiries@culture.gov.uk (suggest you use both)
Twitter – @DCMS
Telephone – 020 7211 2210 (Press enquiries)

Contact Sport England
Can be contacted at:
Email –  funding@sportengland.org
Twitter – @Sport_England
Telephone – 0345 8508 508

Sign the petition
The editor of this esteemed publication has created an online petition so that our collective voice can be heard.

My hope is that with representations from the NCMD, plus individuals contacting MPs etc, that a change in the rules to be classed as exercise like Fishing will be forthcoming.

Tony – tcDetects

Thanks to tcDetects for putting together this valuable list of contacts. Please consider contacting the relevant people to add to the UK independent detectorist’s voice being heard.