Hobbyist’s shock at discovering a gun in the Lancaster Canal

The 'gun' found in the Lancaster Canal by Gareth Bryer.

A unique kind of fishing has led to finding what appears to be a weapon from a city centre canal. A hobbyist fishing for metal objects in a Preston canal had a surprise when he discovered a discarded gun.

Trawling through the water with a magnet, Gareth Bryer pulled up what he believes is a disassembled gun from the Lancaster Canal on Thursday. His shock discovery was made at around 11:15am after only 10 minutes of ‘metal fishing’ for mysteries hidden under the canal’s surface. Amateur metalfisher Gareth, pictured inset, said: “It was in a bag that had ‘Preston Church’ on the front of it. I looked in it and saw what looked like a pistol that had been taken apart – stripped and them dumped.” Discover Royal Beasts at the Tower of London Exotic animals were once kept at the Tower to entertain the court. Promoted by Tower of London  The hobby of magnet fishing involves using strong magnets to find metal objects that are hidden or lost underwater.

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