We are proud to announce the launch of our world first FREE Archaeology and Metal Detecting magazine iOS and Android app’s.

The App’s have been weeks in development and now you can have access to both the Android or iOS versions of the Arch MD Mag direct to your phone or tablet.

We have an abundance of new articles coming in the future, and would still like to have more from around the world. So if you would like to offer material for publication, you can contact us via our Write for us page.

New advertising space is also available and you can communicate with us via the advertise with us page.

Don’t forget Archmdmag.tv also has its own designated page for our Netflix like collection of world genre related videos.

And all live and past episodes of the BIG Metal Detecting show are available also at its own page.

So please, download the Android or iOS app’s by clicking on the links below and telling those you think will also be interested. Have a look around for research, identification, education, many articles in genre specific areas and much much more.

And we can’t forget to thank Scott Holden of Detector Network for all the effort and communication while he built the app and new look website, words are not enough for our appreciation.

Thanks all and enjoy….

To keep up to date with all our news, you can get our  free Android app by clicking here.

Alternatively our iOS app is available free from the appstore here