We are pleased to announce our new association with Online Magnets and are able to offer Arch MD Mag readers a 10% discount with all purchases from the store.

Magnet Fishing is one of the fastest growing pastime’s in the UK and USA. Given the current UK Lockdown and restrictions in metal detecting, fishing has recently been approved and by default magnet fishing is also able to take place.

Throughout the world some fascinating discoveries have been made by magnet fishers and it is a relatively cheap hobby that participants of any age can join in.

So. If you are considering purchasing a magnet, look no further than  Online Magnets  All you need to do is add ARCHMD10 into the apply coupon code section for an immediate 10% discount.

Thank you to Online Magnets for offering this discount to our readers and if you do find anything. Let us know, we would love to feature your story.

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