Welcome to a very special occasion as James Balme, Youtube’s Tvpresenter4history see’s a landmark episode of his film series.

Here we see the release of the 600th history video feature since the channel was founded and launched way back in July 2007 ! All films are written, presented and produced in-house by writer, presenter and history columnist James Balme bringing historical features to an ever-growing worldwide audience.

The 600th film is a feature-length episode for the 3rd Series of ‘History Walks’ entitled ‘From Saxons to St Peter’ telling the history of this ancient place of worship. James explains how evidence unearthed during renovations of 1846 led to the discovery of a Saxon sandstone cross in the foundations. James also takes a complete tour of the inside of the church to highlight artefacts that still remain today from centuries past. A lovely film set in the heart of the Cheshire countryside.