Egyptian archaeological ministry said there is no secret room in king of Egypt’s tomb


The Egyptian Archeological Ministry said the researchers found no evidence of a secret room behind the tomb wall of the King of Egypt, Tutankhamun. Radar sensing three years ago hinted that there is a hidden space, which could cause a furor among the archaeologists.

But now, after a thorough investigation, it is certain that there is no hidden space.

In-depth research on the possibility of hidden space was conducted by researchers at the Universitas Polytechnic of Turin, Italy, but no evidence was found.

“Studies have shown no room or indication of any relics or frames of the door, which contradict the previous theory with the assumption of the existence of an alley or space adjoining or in the tomb of King Tutankhamun” as written in Mostafa Waziri’s statement, the General Secretary of the Archdiocese Supreme Council Egypt, Sunday, May 6th 2018

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