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The Oak Island Mystery by Lionel and Patricia Fanthorpe book review.

It began innocently enough … in 1795 three boys discovered the top of an ancient shaft on uninhabited Oak Island in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. The boys began to dig, and what they uncovered started the world’s greatest and strangest… Continue Reading →

Oak Island in Pictures. From Maps to history and finds.

A selection of images from Oak Islands long history, Please click on individual images to view at full size.

What treasure is buried on Oak Island?

Oak Island is one of the most mysterious places in the world. From its alleged buried treasure to those rumoured to have visited (and deposited on) it, the island has the potential to rewrite history and unearth some of the… Continue Reading →

The Curse of Oak Island by Randall Sullivan

From longtime Rolling Stone contributing editor and journalist Randall Sullivan, The Curse of Oak Island explores the curious history of Oak Island and the generations of individuals who have tried and failed to unlock its secrets. In 1795, a teenager discovered a mysterious circular… Continue Reading →

An introduction to the Oak Island Mystery

( This article is a referral to the original 1962 Readers digest publication, used to introduce the Oak Island mystery in the best manner) By David MacDonald: A Reader’s Digest Classic, originally published 1965 For 200 years, the promise of… Continue Reading →

The Wizard of Alderley Edge

Each country seems to have its legend about a great leader who will arise from his sleep and save his country again when it really needs him. Owen Glendower lies asleep in the vale of Gwent, in a cave called… Continue Reading →

Memoirs of a Treasure Hunter: The Highwayman of Epping Forest. By Barry Lawton

At my Treasure Hunting Club, I joined up with three other people, and we went out most weekends. They were Roger, Norman and Joe. This was after Ron Rowland the man who showed me how to metal detect and where,… Continue Reading →

Oak Island Knights by James McQuiston

What would a 1671 British knighthood medallion be doing in the dirt near an unexplained, crumbling foundation, within 20 miles of the famous Oak Island, Nova Scotia, money pit? James McQuiston, historian and author, thinks he knows. McQuiston is a… Continue Reading →

Title to the gold by Andy Briggs

Forrest Fenn, a retired American art and antiquities dealer claims to have hidden a treasure chest in one of four States of the USA: New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming or Montana.  He says the chest is located somewhere in the Rocky… Continue Reading →

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