Cadbury dairy milk and Cadbury UK are currently marketing a ‘treasure hunt’ at protected archaeological sites across the UK, encouraging people to dig up these archaeologically sensitive areas.

Yes it’s great that a company of such history and esteem is attempting to get the young out in the fresh air and involve themselves in some exercise, but is it not a massive error in judgement in the manner this self promoting campaign has been executed?

Metal detecting is a valuable asset to archaeology and can assist greatly in archaeological work, but this campaign just seems to encourage looting of archaeologically sensitive sites.

If you do decide to metal detect somewhere, please please ensure you:

1. Get the landowner’s permission

2. Do not metal detect on or near to a scheduled monument. It is a criminal offence to use a metal detector on a scheduled monument

3. Visit the portable antiquities scheme website to learn the best manner and Methodology for personal do’s and donts.

4. Report any find covered by the UK treasure act to you local finds liaison officer.

What are your thoughts? Comments below please.