Atlantis PICTURED? ‘lost city’ discovered by stunned historian

Atlantis in Atlantic Ocean

Many have long searched for the fictional city, first written about by Plato.

But published historian Matt Sibson may have put an end to the speculation with his amazing discovery – claiming it may still be visible today.

Daily Star Online previously helped Matt – who runs YouTube channel Ancient Artefacts – to expose his story to the world.

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And now, the 36-year-old from Leicester, thinks part of the so-called sunken city may still be poking out of the Atlantic Ocean.

“Part of it is still above water,” he told Daily Star Online exclusively.

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“It’s called Rockall and its a big slab of granite in the Atlantic Ocean – but more people have been to the moon than stepped foot on it.

“People in the 1700s talked about a number of other rocks around it poking up above the ground too.

“So in just 300 years that much has happened, so maybe 10,000 years ago it was an entire island.”

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