Archaeology: The Alternative History

A PhD international seminar on the theme ‘Building Big? Global Scales of Monumentality –An Ethno-archaeological Perspective’ is currently being held in Kohima at Hotel Japfü.

Starting from today, March 12 till March 24, the Seminar will also include an International workshop on the topic –Monumentality “Hierarchy and Balance: The role of monumentality in European and North East Indian Landscapes.” This international program is jointly organised by University of Oslo, Norway (The Nordic Graduate School in Archaeology), Nagaland University (Department of History and Archaeology), and Kiel University Germany (Graduate School ‘Human Development in Landscapes’ Kiel Collaborative Research Center 1266 ‘Scales of Transformation’).

The inaugural of the program was held on March 12 with Prof. Pardeshi Lal, Vice-chancellor, Nagaland University, as the chief guest.

During the inaugural, Dr. Tiatoshi Jamir, Program Organizer, Department of History and Archaeology, Nagaland University, in his welcome address spoke on the important role played by archaeology in shaping the understanding of the past, since its emergence as a distinct academic discipline in the modern era.

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