This is the latest update on the Christmas Virtual Detectival!
We have received spectacular interest and support in this event from a number of retailers and manufacturer’s which has ensured what can only be described as an exciting prize pot for all joining in this fun packed weekend of armchair entertainment!
With top end detectors to find on each permission, including Equinox 800’s and 600’s, Vanquish, Nokta Makro Simplex, Midi hoards, , Garrett Apex, AT Pro, the list just goes on.
100’s of accessory prizes including finds bags, digging tools, also books and magazine subscriptions, an endless range of super instant wins.
If you haven’t yet purchased your day or weekend pass, you can do so by visiting [](
This event is going to be running on both the Saturday and the Sunday, with a live briefing on the BIG Detecting show at 8pm on Friday 11thDecember and roundups each evening!.
Charities to benefit from this event are Macmillan Cancer Support, Make-a- Wish, MND Association and the Rennie Grove Hospice.

Detectival was created to bring the world of metal detecting together.

After running a large and successful event for XP Metal Detectors in 2016 we decided to continue the trend, while opening the event up to all manufacturers to support and sponsor, along with XP.

Each and every event has brought together traders and manufacturers from across the UK and various countries, a range of entertainment, various caterers, as well as a large amount of new land to detect. The events were great successes and enjoyed by the attendees and traders alike, and we had planned to repeat this in 2020.

Detectival has always been about having a great detecting experience while also enjoying the social side of this great hobby.

This year has been a very difficult one for not only us, but for many dig organisers and traders. It has encouraged us to look at other ways to continue our journey and this recently led us to join forces with Diggers Dips to bring a whole new experience to Detectival.

Diggers Dips was formed in June 2020 after two years of time and effort to offer dedicated prize draws to Detectorists whilst raising funds for a number of charities.

In September, they launched Diggers Digs, a virtual digging game where players can win prizes. In just one month, over 10,000 games were played and it is fast becoming the next best thing to getting out onto the fields!

We and the Diggers Dips team have joined forces to bring you the Christmas Detectival, a two day event of fun, digging, prizes and live, armchair entertainment!

The event will be covered by the BIG Detecting show, launching on Friday 11th December and for the following 2 nights.

We all hope you will enjoy the event and look forward to continuing the great Detectival experience. Check out the event video here –

Please visit the Virtual Detectival site for more information and to access signing up on Saturday 31st October by clicking on any of the links throughout the article.