We were delighted to recently take delivery of a new product to the metal detecting market.

The Air Detector utilises the user’s phone (Android or iOS) with an application installed as opposed to the norm of a physical control box. This allows Air Detector’s developers to make the device cheaper and more compact. The Bluetooth link between the coil and mobile device acts as a metal detector that we are normally used to.

Personally, I was very impressed with the weight and compact size when folded and believe that this type of technology has a big future in its competitive industry. Air Detector have developed a fantastic product for their initial release.

We recently agreed with Shane Holdcroft – YouTube’s Staffordshire searcher, to become a field tester for Arch MD Mag and use any new products in the field on behalf of the magazine.

Below are Shane’s initial reviews from in the field and an ‘air’ test.

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