A ring lost in Hawaii is on its way home to Yorkton man

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While holidaying in Hawaii, a huge wave knocked Wayne Unyi off his feet and into the ocean. In the tumble, he lost a treasured ring he had received from Morris Industries for 40 years of service.

Embarrassed, the 64-year-old Yorkton resident didn’t tell family members he’d lost his one-of-a-kind ring.

“The way I looked at it, I lost a ring, but we gained one because my son got engaged there,” Unyi said in an interview Monday. “He got engaged on Feb. 13, and I lost the ring on either Valentine’s Day or the 15th.”

Unyi is the only employee to receive a 40-year ring from Morris, a Saskatchewan company which manufactures agricultural equipment.

“For 40 years (of service), you had a choice of what you wanted but a ring wasn’t one of them,” Unyi said. “I wanted a 40-year ring because I had a 35-year ring.”

He missed the ring, which he’d worn constantly, but never dreamed it would turn up.

It did.

His daughter, Haley Unyi, saw a Facebook post on Feb. 28 with a picture of her dad’s distinctive ring. She got excited when she read that the ring had been found in Maui where the family had been vacationing.

“I phoned dad and asked him if he’d lost his ring, and he didn’t tell me right away because he didn’t want anyone to know,” Haley said.

Finally, he admitted that the ring had been loose and he’d lost it to the ocean.

The tale of the ring took many twists and turns.

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