My name is Liam Dyson, I have been detecting since February 2020, and I feel lucky to have found such amazing finds of history. I use the Nokta Makro Simplex +

I will start with the Hammered:

Charles 1st Shilling x2

Queen Mary 1st groats x4

Elizebeth 1st 3 pence and sixpence

I had only been detecting for around 4 months and decided to go on new permission with my son.

The first coin I picked up was the Charles about 4 inches down on pasture. I couldn’t believe it.

The next signal was the 4 groats, they were the same depth and were stacked on top of each other, black as night. I only had my rubbish pouch so got my son to run to the car for something soft to put them in. As he was gone I picked found the rest of them scattered, but all the coins were within a 2-meter radius.

A day to remember for sure.

On my 2nd hunt on a new, different permission, after probably around 8 months of detecting. This was a very trashy field used by the public as farmer only uses it for hay.

I took a rubbish bag this time because my finds pouch was so full of rubbish I had to empty it a couple of times.  I was digging rubbish after rubbish getting really fed up, few copper coins here and there.

It started to rain so I thought I’d detect to the tree line for some shelter.  On the way I got a mid-tone which sounded nice but so did all the mid-tones I had that day, which ended up being rubbish. I walked away but then turned back, thinking It just might be.

At 4 inches down she was there, I sat there on my knees for around 20 minutes taking pics and ringing mates and my Mrs (who didn’t believe me) I was in disbelief and thought it must be fake or something for days.

Kind regards Liam Dyson (History Revisited YouTube)

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