$15k Cache Found By Detectorist !!

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One of my more memorable finds: $15k cash-cache. Even though I went to find it for someone, it still took my breath away when I uncovered it. I wished I could have kept it all, but I did go home with $100.

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Preacher Digger – Like the page to follow

Here’s the back story:

It was buried believe it not for 8 years. When President Obama got elected this person feared the worst and took her money out of the bank and buried it in a Ragu spaghetti jar in a hole her dog had dug. When President Trump got elected she went to dig it up but forgot where it was buried. She didnt write down any location coordinates. Then in panic she dug her yard up, it literally looked like she was putting in a swimming pool.

Preacher Digger on youtube

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I was contacted to go detect and I found it in 20 minutes…maybe she should have started with me….lol. I told her next time write down 3 points of reference and dont bury cash. I told her how fortunate she was the jar didnt break and ruin the money (I broke the jar while digging). It was sealed tight and came out like new.

‘Preacher Digger’ can be followed on His page and youtube channel , Links above.

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