10 Weird And Disturbing Archaeological Discoveries


1. Twenty Five ancient “alien” corpses, half of which had extremely long skulls, were found by Mexican villagers that were digging into the ground. Scientists have disputed suggestions of extraterrestrial life, claiming  that the skulls were modified intentionally while their owners were still alive. 

2. Legend said that when King Louis XVI died during the French Revolution, people ran to his body to dip their handkerchiefs in his blood. No one thought this was true until DNA tests compared a buried handkerchief to what was believed to be King Louis’s mummified head, and it matched.


3. “Otzi the Iceman” was found in the mountains of Austria by a group of hikers in 1991. The fact that Otzi’s body is about 5300 years old is incredible enough, but what’s even more amazing is that his blood is incredibly well-preserved, making it the oldest blood ever found.


4. An Australian mass grave was found to have numerous incredible things hidden inside, including “mega-kangaroos” and 20-foot long lizards. Perhaps the most incredible finds were the giant wombats, which were almost the size of cars and weighed up to 3.1 tons. Their pouches were large enough to fit a small human!

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