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On Billion Dollar Wreck, father and son Martin and Grant Bayerle Martin seek to uncover hidden treasure on the ill-fated RMS Republic – a famous shipwreck off Nantucket, Massachusetts.

And they’re not the only ones. There’s been a long fascination throughout history with shipwrecks and the treasure that they could hold, and the United Nationsestimates that there are at least three million shipwrecks on the ocean floors.

Here we take a look at 10 of history’s most famous shipwrecks:


The MS World Discoverer was a Danish cruise ship created in 1974. While carrying passengers on a cruise in 2000 it struck a rock at the Solomon Islands, resulting in the ship subsiding. A distress signal was quickly dispatched and all crew and passengers were escorted safely to another passenger ferry.

There have been several attempts to salvage the shipwreck, but none have been successful, partly due to the fact that much of the ship has been looted and damaged during the Solomon Islands Civil War. The ship has remained at Roderick Bay ever since, and is now a popular local tourist attraction and it can even be viewed on Google Maps.

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