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Underwater Archaeology and Cryptozoology : Weird, Wicked Weird and ‘The ultimate game of hide and seek’

by Luke Higgins
In 1988, dragging 100 meters of cable with side-scan sonar through Lake Champlain looking for Champ, Joseph "Zarr" Zarzynski saw something dark gray breach the…

VIDEO and article: USS Indianapolis- WW2 heavy cruiser sunk by Japanese submarine discovered at bottom of Pacific Ocean 72 years later

by Luke Higgins
A Second World War heavy cruiser has been found in the Pacific Ocean more than 70 years after it was…

Underwater Archaeologists Explore Inca Lakes

by Luke Higgins
WARSAW, POLAND—Science & Scholarship in Poland reports that scientists from the Center for Precolumbian Studies at the University of Warsaw explored lakes within the Peruvian National Park of Machu Picchu. The remote, high-altitude lakes sit at the foot of the…

Underwater detectorist saves the day

by Luke Higgins
                        A British student was reunited with a lost £10,000 antique ring after flying a retired scuba diver to Mallorca to track it down, according to the Daily Express. Underwater metal detectorist George Edmunds,…

Pre Columbian Mediterranean round ship discovered for the first time by underwater archaeology expedition in Bulgaria’s black sea zone

by Dave Sadler
The world’s first ever well preserved sunken “round ship", a medieval Mediterranean ship which…
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