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Young fossil hunter is allowed to keep his ‘mammoth tusk’

by Luke Higgins
  A young boy who found what could be an 11,000-year-old mammoth tusk on a Bexhill beach, has been told by the council that he can keep his historical find. Archie Wood, 12, was metal detecting with his father when he spotted the strange item sticking…

Young lad thrilled after digging up ‘huge MAMMOTH tusk’ on the beach

by Luke Higgins
  A YOUNG lad is thrilled after he found what could be a prehistoric 11,000-year-old mammoth tusk on a beach. Archie Wood was metal detecting with his dad when he noticed something strange sticking out of the sand. The 12-year-old…

Discovery of widespread platinum may help solve Clovis people mystery

by Dave Sadler
No one knows for certain why the Clovis people and iconic beasts—mastodon, mammoth and saber-toothed tiger - living some 12,800 years ago suddenly disappeared. However, a discovery of widespread platinum at archaeological…

38,000-year-old engravings confirm ancient origins of technique used by Seurat, Van Gogh

by Dave Sadler
A newly discovered trove of 16 engraved and otherwise modified limestone blocks, created 38,000 years ago, confirms the ancient origins of the pointillist techniques later adopted by 19th…

Warning of vandalism to mammoth graveyards in Arctic from unscrupulous bone hunters

by Dave Sadler
Unique archeological and paleontological sites face destruction from gangs seeking to raid and sell prehistoric remains. At least seven woolly mammoth cemeteries in the Siberian Arctic have been 'ruined'…

‘Mammoth’s penis’ found on north Norfolk coast

by Dave Sadler
An amateur metal detector got the internet talking with his unusual find. An amateur metal detector got the internet talking with an unusual find in north Norfolk. Robert Mee unearthed a phallus-shaped fossil on the same stretch of coastline where the skeleton of…
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