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12 Famous Fossil Discoveries

by Luke Higgins
As rare and impressive as they may be, not all dinosaur fossils are equally famous, or have had the same profound effect on paleontology and our understanding of life during the Mesozoic Era. On the following pages, you'll discover a dozen famous fossils that changed, sharpened, or completely altered…

Fossil discovery in Indonesia reveals ‘lost world’ of beasts

by Luke Higgins
As recently as a few thousand years ago, the Indonesian island of Sumba was home to miniature elephants, giant rats and dragons, according to fossil discoveries reported in a scientific journal last month. The expedition marks the first discovery…

Dinosaur trio roosted together like birds

by Luke Higgins
The fossilized remains of three young dinosaurs who seem to have been snuggled together in sleep have been found in a stone block that poachers hacked out of the Mongolian desert. Researchers say the 70-million-year-old specimens are the first known example of dinosaurs sleeping…


by Luke Higgins
For anyone who was ever as obsessed with dinosaurs as I was and made them roam the living room carpet (much to your parents' dismay), the Tyrannosaurus was probably your monster piece of prehistoric plastic—but this newly discovered leviathan makes even T-Rex…
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