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The most valuable metal detector finds ever

by Luke Higgins
Metal detecting can be a tedious, thankless task. However, every so often enthusiasts chance upon the most incredible finds. From gigantic gold nuggets to precious Iron Age artifacts, we reveal the most valuable metal detector hauls of all time.…

In 2014 Detectorist Paul Coleman found 5,000 Saxon coins worth £1m on a dig

by Luke Higgins
IT WAS a chance discovery which turned out to be the biggest hoard of historic coins found in modern times and could be worth more than £1m. Armed with a metal detector Southampton man Paul Coleman, who almost didn't…

Jersey Coin hoard value to be released

by Luke Higgins
THE value of Jersey’s Celtic Coin Hoard – the largest find of its kind that is estimated to be worth millions – should be announced within weeks, one of the men who discovered it has said. Metal detectorists Reg Mead and Richard…
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