Scientists find perfectly preserved shipwrecks from Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires by accident in Black Sea (article and video)

by Luke Higgins

The vessels, from the Roman and Byzantine empires, have been perfectly preserved with one even having ropes on its deck.

Scientists have discovered dozens of perfectly preserved ancient shipwrecks in the Black Sea .

The underwater archaeological team used Remotely Operated Vehicles to find 60 wrecks dating back 2,500 years, and also galleys from the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires.

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They had originally set off to investigate historic climate change along the Bulgarian coast but discovered the ships during underwater surveys.

Because the Black Sea contains almost no oxygen, the finds are in excellent condition – even including intact rope on a Roman ship.

Ed Parker, CEO of the The Black Sea Maritime Archaeological Project, said: “Some of the ships we discovered had only been seen on murals and mosaics until this moment. There’s one medieval trading vessel where the towers on the bow and stern are pretty much still there.

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