The Archaeology and Metal Detecting magazine have numerous media partners, several in particular we have worked closely with for since our launch. Global Detection Adventures have supported and promoted us from the start. This page is being utiised by Global Detection Adventures to promote their podcasts and other information directly to our readers.

Global Detection Adventures is an international metal detecting community. Our members are located in every corner of the world.

We are open to all to come and share your finds, videos, stories, reviews, promotions and more. Simply request to become a member our Facebook group.

We are a non profit, out of pocket group. If it involves the GDA name, it has been paid for by either Dave DiNatale, or Lance Goolsby personally. Only on give aways do we ask people and sponsors for assistance in providing items to give away and let everyone know where the items came from.

Dave is based in the USA, while Lance lives in Germany, as well as the social media areas, the GDA offer a regular podcast , discussing metal detecting from around the world, with regular guests, both well known and those with stories to tell.

The images below will forward you directly to the GDA Facebook group and Our Podcast network.
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