Predictions for The Curse of Oak Island Season 5 Finale

by Luke Higgins

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There’s no doubt about it. This season of The Curse of Oak Island has taken a dramatic upswing. With discoveries of ancient human bone fragments of different global origins, small sections of leather book binding, and bits of porcelain far beneath the surface of the earth, fans can hardly wait to see what’s coming up next. The show took a break, with no episode aired on Boxing Day. One week without an episode is more than some can stand.

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The most recent episode contained the biggest shock of all when Laird Niven, the show’s onsite archeologist, identified the bone sample. It was later verified as human at St. Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Coupled with the small piece of verified book binding material, there’s even more possibility that there will be a connection to the Knights Templar, or some other highly significant historical figures. The thought that the Knights Templar may have used Oak Island as the resting place for treasure of money or literature is one of the most popular fan theories right now, and it’s been fueled with the most recent episode’s finds.

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