Poetical Expressions from Worlds Below. By Mike Murphy. Book review by Dave Sadler.

by Dave Sadler

My passion for history and all things archaeological stem from several things, My Dad and Uncle – Both 1970’s detectorist’s and passionate history buffs, And Mick Murphy.

For as long as I can remember from being a child, Mike Murphy has been a caver, dragging my older brother along potholing in his youth. Me – I’m way too big, although Mikes Passion and knowledge, as well as giving me access to his finds, images and pointing me in the direction of easy access caves, also advising in a professional manner of a cave excavation I was a part of in 2003 in North Wales.

‘Mad Mick’ as he is known locally and in the caving world is, I believe, one of the UK’s foremost cavers. Formally of the Grovesnor Caving Club and now a lead figure of the United Cavers Exploration Team and area Cave rescue team, His tales and places visited are fantastic.

So My mum tipped me off that Mike had recently published a book on caving, I had to have a copy, then the unexpected twist, It was a book of poetry.

Poetical Expressions from Worlds Below. By Mike Murphy is probably one of the only books of its type. Subterranean poetry. I never knew he had in him, and gives a softer, gentler, more relaxed side to the Mike Murphy I know.

Some of the Poems included are taken from actual events that have occurred in the world below which Mike has been privy too.

Plenty of Images taken by Mick and colleagues also appear and add to the feeling.

A genuine and expressive book which can be enjoyed by many other than the caving fraternity.

Poetical Expressions from Worlds Below. By Mike Murphy is available directly from the author at europa.rope@hotmail.co.uk or via the United Cavers Exploration Team website

Dave Sadler – Editor

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  • 26/02/2017

    I too own a copy of Mike’s (Murphs) book. I have the pleasure of considering him a very good friend. His exploration of the underworlds, both caves and mines, in the Uk and abroad literally spans decades! This book captures the essence of his ventures and speaks volumes of his enthusiasm and the drive that keeps him exploring to this day. Well worth a read by anyone! This book gives an insight to both the underworld but also speaks of decades of friendships and rich experiences in life.

    • Dave Sadler

      Cheers Tim. Top review. ( Notice the UCET link on the links page.) Dave Sadler

  • 26/02/2017

    Brilliant book, I am very fond of poetry, and caving and mine exploring so good work Mick.

    • Dave Sadler

      Cheers Doug

  • 26/02/2017

    I had the first one of the press and stands pride of place on my book shelf.
    I have shared many of the experiences mike mentions in the book and many more he hasn’t mentioned(yet).
    A really light hearted insight into what we get up to

    • Dave Sadler

      Cheers Mike. Appreciate if UCET and associated colleagues could share this about on social media.

  • Ian Adams

    Awesome work. I have a 1st edition (signed). Quite probably unsurpassed in it’s field.

    If you haven’t read this, you need to.

  • Anthony Britner

    I have not read the book so cannot really say much about it although I own a copy. But knowing the authour, it’s likely to be a very entertaining read, as, one of the many joys of membership of the UCET caving club is listening to Micks, highly animated stories.*

    *Membership is not required to hear these highly animated stories.

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