No, There Wasn’t an Advanced Civilization 12,000 Years Ago

by Dave Sadler

Graham Hancock is an audacious autodidact who believes that long before ancient Mesopotamia, Babylonia and Egypt there existed an even more glorious civilization. One so thoroughly wiped out by a comet strike around 12,000 years ago that nearly all evidence of its existence vanished, leaving only the faintest of traces, including, Hancock thinks, a cryptic warning that such a celestial catastrophe could happen to us. All this is woven into a narrative entitled Magicians of the Gods (Thomas Dunne Books, 2015). I listened to the audio edition read by the author, whose British accent and breathless, revelatory storytelling style are confessedly compelling. But is it true? I’m skeptical.

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  • Nick

    Have you even read his books? Its obvious that you do not even have a basic understanding of Mr. Hancock’s theories. AND what’s with all these personal attacks ??????

    • Dave Sadler

      The article was not written by the Archaeology and Metal detecting magazine Nick. We source articles and share them for public consumption. We have no bias and share the middle ground offering information to interested parties who may agree or disagree wth the content.

  • Rodrigo

    But then, what’s your opinion about the true aim of the Gizé pyramids and how they were build, the huge megaliths around the world and how they were transported, the perfect cut of the stones in Machu Pichu and other constructions, the black looking head statues of the Olmecs in Central America when there were no black people there before the slave trade, let alone being important enough to have statues, the remains of an unknown civilisation in S. Miguel island at Azores, etc?

    • Dave Sadler

      I am not the author. I am the editor of the Archaeology and Metal detecting magazine. Our goal is to share articles that generally readers would usually not see. I try to share genre specific information to sites for readers pleasure and for debate.

      Regarding our beliefs. They have to be completely unbiased as to give all areas access to information. For instance – The Archaeology and Metal detecting magazine was recently a sponsor of the Erich Von Daniken conference in London UK.

  • Shyamal Ghosh

    I believe archaeologists should be open minded. Ancient history is not like mathematics. A theory developed today based on available evidences can be proved wrong tomorrow by new discoveries.
    Conventional archaeology is unable to explain many things … so why denigrate an alternative theory ?

  • 25/06/2017

    Graham Hancock has more wisdom and knowledge in one atom, than the author has in their entire body. Would love to see them debate with Graham Hancock. One of the best researchers and thinkers of our time.

  • 25/06/2017

    Continued.. Oh wait.. He did debate with him, and was left spinning around helplessly on his back like a turtle! Micheal was blown out of the water.

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