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In 2015 and Amateur metal detector found a crucifix that may change the historical record of Christianity

by Luke Higgins
In 2016 an amateur metal detector made a discovery that experts think could change our understanding of Christianity in Denmark. Dennis Fabricius Holm was enjoying an…

A Giant Volcano Eruption Could Have Sparked The Collapse of Ancient Egypt

by Dave Sadler
Cleopatra's suicide and the fall of ancient Egypt is the stuff of legend. Shakespearean drama aside, there is often far more fuelling the collapse of an empire than political squabbling alone. Now researchers have traced a domino…

‘Free access’ Stonehenge footpath open to the public

by Dave Sadler
A footpath which allows visitors to see Stonehenge free of charge has been opened a year behind schedule. The right of way, which passes within feet of the ancient circle, follows the route of the A344 which was closed to traffic and grassed over…

Full Documentary : The Secret To Stonehenge’s Construction

by Luke Higgins National Geographic Magazine  

Shiptime Maritime Archaeology Project, Orkney HMS Royal Oak Steam Pinnace Located

by Dave Sadler
The tragic story of the loss of HMS Royal Oak in the first weeks of the Second World War is well known in Orkney and further afield, but there has always been mystery surrounding the location of…

Metal detector gives Fitchburg man a link to the past, a view of history

by Luke Higgins
FITCHBURG -- A metal makeup case from the 1920s that Chuck Seggelin found in Parkhill Park is dented and blackened with age, but the imperfections aren't what Seggelin sees. GLOBAL DETECTION ADVENTURES METAL DETECTING PODCAST…

Excavating an Iron Age Dun in the Scottish Highlands

by Dave Sadler
Recently published research reveals the discovery of a dun and the complex history of an archetypal Iron Age settlement in Scotland. This archaeological ruin was discovered in 2010 by Forest District staff in Comar Wood in Strathglass near Inverness, and an archaeological…

How metal detectors work

by Luke Higgins
Bleep bleep! Bleep bleep! Is there anything more exciting than discovering treasure? Millions of people all around the world have fun using metal detectorsto uncover valuable relics buried underground. Exactly the same technology is at work in our military and security services, helping to keep the world safe…

Yellowstone Death Linked to a Search for Forrest Fenn’s Treasure : How Many More Will Die ?

by Luke Higgins
Yellowstone National Park is confirming the first death there this year was connected to a search for the Forrest Fenn treasure. GLOBAL DETECTION ADVENTURES METAL DETECTING PODCAST Two men died…

Shipwreck of heroic but unsung British explorer Ben Leigh Smith is ‘found’ in Arctic waters

by Dave Sadler
The name of Benjamin (Ben) Leigh Smith may not seem too familiar among Arctic explorers, but it should be. The intrepid explorer born into a radical English family named the cape…
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