Legend of the Haunted cart of Calvary Hill. Compiled by Mexican Digger

by Dave Sadler


At the entrance of the village at Villa de Ramos in San Luis Potosí state (towards the south) there is an old enchanted cart. Everyone knows the place as “El Cerro del Calvario” (the calvary hill), but according to legend is a haunted cart.

They say that it was a cart that came from Real de Catorce loaded with gold and it stopped at the hacienda because the following morning it would follow its way until Zacatecas. There was a lot of vigilance at that time because there were a lot of robbers. The police were always quartered near the hacienda on the royal road to Zacatecas.

So it turns out that some thugs stole that cart very early in the morning and instead of going to Zacatecas, because they knew that there was the surveillance there, they better went on the course to Salinas, the old road to Punteros. They left very early in the morning when it was still dark.

They were as fast as the cart let them travel, when just in the Cerro del Calvario, which at that time did not exist, the sun began to rise and just as the first light struck the cart, the cart became a stone, became into the Cerro del Calvario. That’s why the place is delighted and they call it “the cart of Calvary”.

Many say there is a treasure under the hill, but that is not true. All who have tried to look for it will never find it because the treasure, or rather, the cart is the hill itself, which is an enchanted cart that became a stone, a hill.

According to the legend, to be able to disenchant that charm and that the cart becomes again what it was, a cart full of gold, it is necessary to throw a newborn child from the top of the cross. Yes, it sounds very ugly and there is no one who dares, but that is the legend.

The thing is that a newborn child has to be taken up to the top of the hill, where the cross is settled, and the moment the first ray of sun comes out they have to throw it, and when the baby falls to the ground it will break the charm and the cart loaded with gold will reappear.

Compiled by Mexican Digger

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