Finding a gold ring by John Ward.

by Dave Sadler

Metal detecting to me is amazing, It does give you a buzz when you find something good.

I use the XP Deus on the Deep program and Sid’s program I tweak both to suit me and the ground conditions and normally have my kil0hertz quite low 4 to 7 and sensitivity around the 95 .

I found the my gold ring in Wetherby, North Yorkshire when out with Northumbrian Search Society ( NSS )

I have been back to show the farmer and told him that I am talking it to Finds Liaison Officer (FLO), I contacted the Flo in Durham and explained that I will bring it in early next week.

I have been metal detecting for around 2 1/2 years and found some interesting finds. I go out metal detecting most weekends I love the hobby and meet lots of people that love the hobby as well.

Any information that can be given regarding the ring would be gratefully appreciated by John.

Many thanks to John Ward for his words and images on a fantastic find.

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