Evolution VS Creation

by Luke Higgins

Image result for evolution the greatest proof the telegraph(These writings are the opinion of Archaeology and Metal Detecting Magazine Sub- Editor Luke Higgins and do not necessarly reflect the opinion or stance of The Archaeology and Metal Detecting Magazine)

I often wonder what makes people believe in GOD , whichever version that may be, Growing up I was taught both the ‘Darwinian’ theory of how we came to be and the Bible’s tale of our creation.

For Me, It was and has always been no contest. Darwin wins. Hands down.

But I have always remained curious as to what would convince and make so many rational and intelligent people belive the teaching of the Bible , Quaran or any book that tells a tale of the numerous gods that much of humanity chooses to believe in.

In the modern world what would make rational people believe in Adam and Eve for example ?  Or a biblical flood that destoyed almost all humanity , as well as almost all species on the planet – And all because ‘GOD’ was unhappy with Man ? Why would anyone choose to believe in or support such a cruel GOD anyhow ?

Image resultIs it that humble people find the idea of an all-powerful God appealing, yet those who are narcissistic find the idea that God made humans in his own image attractive ?

Is it because life is so full of uncertainties and worries that we allow common sense and logical thinking to be overtaken by Religious belief ? Is it a desperate need to belong and have ‘union’ with others ? the idea of followers being part of a ‘flock’ would be a major draw for someone who has no family or has weak family ties. It allows them to ‘belong’ – And after all humans are , and always have been ‘pack animals’

This would also explain why the Church can often be a refuge for societys ‘more troubled’ people, not only does it offer warmth , shelter and often food and water , The Church also offers a sense of belonging, Forgiveness and an acceptance of  many people who , often by there own doing, have been shunned by wider society. A Whatever your sin , Whatever you have done, repent , believe in our God and you are welcome here type of thing.

Some of it could also be down to Parent/Child teachings , Children taught a religion without being given the chance to question its merits or being taught an impartial lesson on Evolution, a child taught to ignore science and logic from an early age would likely become close minded and institutionalized to the idea that GOD (whichever varient) exists.

Image result for jese - get outta here you're ruining my storyBut the main thing , I believe, Is that almost all Religions appear to have solved and taken the worry out of Death. Is it that our fear of Death is so great we allow our minds to belive the teachings of the Bible and other Religious books ?  Because we cannot cope with the reality of dying ? Of being nothing more than bones in the ground ? – This could also explain why so many join and begin to believe in Religion later in life as the inevitability of dying looms larger with each passing year.

Can that fear of dying be strong enough to overide the total lack of supporting evidence for Religious treachings and to allow believers to be convinced to ignore all the evidence that does exist supporting evolution ?

It is fascinating to consider and think about and attached below are some interesting articles I have found online , both in the belief of a religion over Evolution and in support of Evolution.

And for those who completely disagree with Me – That’s fine , I have no issue with believers, Well, that is apart from those who blow themselves up in crowded public places believing they can go on to live an after life with Virgins.

All of the above is just My opinion, but Athesists and Believers are more similar than you think > The world has hundreds of God’s and I only believe in one less than you !!

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Does the human eye prove that God exists? CLICK HERE

All are very interesting reads , and of course an endless amount artciles, discussions and opinions can be found online.

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  • Reid Mauldin

    I can’t believe in Darwinian macro-evolution or the Hebrew Bible’s 6-day creation coming out of the words of God. If there was a “creation and/or evolution” it happened somewhere else. Mankind on Earth was genetically engineered, not evolved “by natural selection”. Why would we “evolve” from hairy/furry hominids into almost hairless modern humans who need hair/fur to keep our naked bodies warm ? That just doesn’t make any scientific sense to me. Sumerian texts say we were engineered.

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