The Coin Colouring Book from Amazon review

by Dave Sadler

Historically, coins have always been very lacking in colour, being made of a single piece of metal. The things they depict though; the faces, plants, heraldry, swords, ships, crowns, horses etc, are all actually very colourful in real life. Coins are therefore the ideal candidate to add colour to. Use this book to create realistic life-like coloured works of art, or go wild with them and colour them in your own fantastic style. Most of them have been waiting for centuries just for you to add a bit of colour! Suitable for all ages, with a few basic coin images and also some very intricate ones. Each coin is accompanied by a short paragraph of information.

A fantastic Christmas present for any hobbyist of Metal Detecting or coin collecting for those rainy days when you just cant go out into the fields….

Find it on Amazon –┬áThe Coin Colouring Book from Amazon

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