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Luwian hieroglyphic inscription explains the end of the Bronze Age

by Dave Sadler
An interdisciplinary team of Swiss and Dutch archaeologists today announced the rediscovery of a 29-meter-long Luwian hieroglyphic inscription that describes the events at the end of the Bronze Age in the Eastern Mediterranean. One of…

Archeologists discover buried ‘treasure’ across Southern Ohio

by Dave Sadler
The Scioto Valley is known as the epicenter of Native American earthworks, but a local archeologist's recent finding shows there is still a lot to discover. Earlier this year 44-year-old David Lamp, of Lancaster, began systematically…

Explore digital arts at one of Cheshire’s oldest properties

by Dave Sadler
A day exploring digital arts at one of Cheshire’s oldest properties proves you’re never too old to discover new techniques. On Saturday, October 14, Little Moreton Hall is hosting a digital discovery day in partnership with Cheshire East…

Catalonia, Spain’s Biggest Problem

by Dave Sadler
In the post-Civil War era, Spain’s problem with regional nationalism seemed dominated by Basque separatists. Yet, as recent events show, Barcelona is now the epicentre of the biggest issue facing the Madrid government – an issue with deep historical roots. In October 2017, the decades-long…

Saxon Shore Forts of Britannia

by Dave Sadler
Saxon Shore forts are defensive fortifications, built by the late Roman Empire to defend the coast of the Roman province of Britannia (Britain) and the opposite side of the English Channel. Continue reading - Saxon Shore Forts of Britannia

Archaeologists find possible ‘lid’ to ‘ancient computer’

by Dave Sadler
As if it had not already been one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of all time, the Antikythera shipwreck continues to shed light on Classic antiquity. Last week, Greece's Division of Underwater Antiquities,…

Man solves mystery of 1930s sports car buried on Salisbury Plain

by Dave Sadler
The mystery of a red 1930s MG sports car archaeologists found buried in a second world war gun emplacement pit during a major excavation has been solved. Experts had wondered if the MG J2 had been dumped after being used as an officer’s…

MAPPED: Where in the world can you still catch the plague?

by Luke Higgins
Nine countries reported a total of 626 cases of the plague last year, including 127 deaths, according from figures from the World Health Organisation (WHO). The most endemic country was Madagascar with 482 cases of the infection and 112 deaths, followed by the Democratic…

Orkney undersea archaeologists find boat used by fleeing sailors from the HMS Royal Oak

by Dave Sadler
FOR more than a century it has lain on the seabed, a lost relic of one of the greatest wartime disasters ever suffered by the Royal Navy. But now undersea archaeologists say they have pinpointed…


by Dave Sadler
Excavations at an estate once owned by Thomas Jefferson have unearthed an array of archaeological finds, from 8,000-year-old spear heads to evidence of slave accommodation. Archeologists working at Poplar Forest, where…
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