Britain’s best beaches for treasure hunting, fossil collecting and rock pooling

by Luke Higgins

From sandy windswept strands to pebble-strewn coves and mud-slicked bays, we have a fantastic range of beachcomber beaches along our nibbled coast. And the tail-end of the year is the perfect time for scavenging, with post-stormy days yielding plenty of washed-up wonders.

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Everything natural on the beach tells a story – so this is a great way to entertain children on a winter weekend, helping them to uncover the secrets of these botanical playgrounds, and understand more about our island’s marine heritage.

Tangled rubbery strands of bladderwrack and green slimy sea lettuce drape rocks and pool-beds. Look out too, for tiny life forms – from worms, crabs and shrimp to small starfish lurking along the tide line. Or search for fossils, frequently found on our cliff-backed beaches.

Beautiful shells, fragments of sea-worn glass in jewel-bright colours, twists of old driftwood and sea sponges are all fun to collect. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, consider investing in a metal detector: a useful aid to uncovering man-made objects beneath the sands and pebbles. Any real treasure found, though, whether ancient coins or valuable jewellery, should be reported to the district coroner.

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