ARCHMDMAG EXCLUSIVE : Why Do So Many People Believe Conspiracy Theories ?

by Luke Higgins

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It seems to Me nowadays that the vast majority of people seem to believe in Conspiracy theories – no matter how ridiculous they may be.

Not that I am saying for a moment that some may actually be the truth but it is staggering how many people would choose to believe in these based upon a video they have seen on youtube or an article they have read in an internet based ‘newspaper’

From The Twin Towers to The Holocaust to Great Pyramids – supposedly nothing we learnt in education or hear from mainstream Media is true. its all lies.

I remember sitting in the pub with a friend , a few years back discussing the Moon landing ( or lack of it ) My friend was Animatedly and with great passion listing the various reasons as to why this journey was not and could not be possible. I have to admit , He had some interesting ideas. Food for thought.

A few beers later the conversation had moved on to other conspiracies and Aliens , we talked Area 51 and of course Roswell – But then I was staggered to hear My pal tell Me that Alien Pyramids and structures are on the Moon !! And His proof of this ? ….. . Well, you can see them reflected in the visor on Niel Armstrongs space suit…. . . Uh, From when He was on the Moon !!? Oh, Hang on a minute mate …. We didn’t go there though did we !! ? Yes, the SAME person that was convinced we never went to the Moon an hour or so later ( and a couple more beers ) was using the Moon landing as evidence of Alien Structures.

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And then The Twin Towers , this one is interesting for sure and I am certain that the ‘official story’ on this may not be the whole truth I do not Believe in many of these conspiracies – No planes ? Military planes ?  Controlled demolition ? Free falling towers ?

How many people have taken up the opinion of conspiracy based on youtube videos alone ? Videos that could well have been made and produced by a spotty 14 year old in His bedroom ? How many people have read the official report on this event to get a balanced view prior to shouting out ‘conspiracy’ ?

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For instance could the often mooted footage of the NYPD in the towers shouting ‘Bomb’ not purely be the noise of the lifts crashing hundreds of floors to the ground ?

Why would Bush go about this ‘conspiracy’ ? As an excuse for war ? The Americans have never really needed that have they ? And why in such a grand way , that would require HUNDREDS of people to keep quiet !? ( And we have to remember that The White House could even keep one Semen stained dress a secret !! ) Why hi-jack a 757 but then fire a missle into the Pentagon ?

Was that famous video of Bin Laden actually George Bush in a beard ?

My mind is open to conspiracy but not based on evidence and logic that clearly points against it.

And I feel that to twist fact for fiction is in fact disrespectful to those who did lose lives on that terrible day.

Conspiracy theories are good fun , some are probably true , or have an element of Truth in them – but most are fictional , products of active imaginations and of people who spend far too much indoors feeding their minds with rubbish.

We have to be careful as Media and News becomes more and more available to the masses to produce that we do not lose our true history , our true facts.

I have attached an excellent video by a young chap called Myles Power – Take a look with an open mind.

Oh, and just before I go…….. JFK ….. Now that one IS interesting !






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