The Archaeology and Metal Detecting Magazine Rally, September 2017 report.

by Dave Sadler

On Sunday 03rd September 2017, an Archaeology and Metal detecting magazine metal detecting rally took place in Simister, Rochdale UK.

An abundance of historic events, habitation and agriculture made the area an exciting venue. Never before detected, the large site, with 30 acres available on the day and in association with the Rochdale Connections trust, provided an enjoyable day raising £410 for the charity.

30 detectorists attended the event over 2 large fields and were greeted by a bright, warm day. which held until after lunchtime when rain forced some participants to depart.

Finds were many, the usual array of coinage, buttons, mootubes, buckles and general agricultural debris were discovered. But we were graced with an Edward short cross, half hammered coin; a William silver coin and several silver shillings.

Participants included notable Youtube channel Hosts – Digger Dawn and Metal Detecting Britain and Beyonds Andrew Jones, members of the newly formed local group – North Manchester Metal Detecting Club as well as several first time detectotrists and many more.

Thank you to all concerned for their participation and to those for the use of their videos and images.

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