Archaeologists Map Famed Shipwrecks and War Graves in Scotland

by Luke Higgins















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A sheltered body of water in Scotland’s Orkney Islands, Scapa Flow is calm on its surface. But underwater, the seabed is full of historic shipwrecks and war graves where hundreds of sailors were killed.

Using sonar and underwater robots, marine archaeologists have just completed a mission to map 10 of those wrecks in detail, including the remaining shipwrecks of the abandoned German High Seas Fleet from World War I. The researchers’ goal is to make digital copies of the seabed sites and track the physical condition of the ships.

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“They tell such a huge story about really important events throughout history,” Sandra Henry, a marine archaeologist with the Orkney Research Center for Archaeology, or ORCA, who led the project, told Live Science. “So in a way, we’re trying to bring the story of these wreck sites to the surface.”

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