Ancient warrior unearthed marching to afterlife with his dagger drawn, wearing stylish earrings

by Luke Higgins

The extraordinary find of this Bronze Age warrior – ready for combat on his journey to the next life between 2,700 and 2,900 years ago – is intriguing archeologists in Omsk city.

Unusual features are the dagger ready for use in one hand, a knife in the other, and a metallic eye patch, or badge, seen as either a mirror illuminating his route to another world, or those who gave him evil glances.

Nearby he had an axe and also some arrow heads.

Image result for detecnicksRutus Alter 71 – only in the UK at

Not all the treasures in his grave appeared ready for battle – the warrior also had some fetching white metal spiral earrings, made possibly from tin or silver.

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