Ancient skulls that mirror ours are part of a handful of archaeological findings that rewrite human history

by Luke Higgins

site 2Most people don’t spend their free time imagining what it would be like to get on the subway and sit across from a 300,000-year-old person. But anthropologist Jean-Jacques Hublin isn’t most people.

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In June, Hublin published two papers in the highly-respected journal Nature suggesting that the first Homo sapiens — that is, the first members of our species — lived 100,000 years earlier than previously thought in a place that no one would have expected. They also had faces that looked surprisingly like ours.

”I’m not sure these people would stand out from a crowd today,” said Hublin on a call with reporters shortly before his research was published.

Hublin’s findings, while controversial, were generally greeted by other researchers in the community with excitement about the other kinds of research opportunities that could be opened up by this new idea.

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