10 Greatest Shipwreck Treasures Ever Found

by Luke Higgins

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The bountiful seas hold many, many treasures. Above and beyond these ten astonishing shipwreck treasures on our list, it is said that there may be as many as three million other shipwrecks scattered across the ocean floor.

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To excavate all these shipwrecks would take hundreds of years, but their treasures could be worth hundreds of billions. So, obviously, these wrecks are not only attractive to underwater archaeologists but to salvage operations, and treasure hunters around the globe. All it takes is just one great find for these scavengers of the underwater world and they could be set for life. That is, of course, if some government agency doesn’t swoop in and lay claim to their hard found fortune. Chances are that won’t happen, but it could.

Under maritime and salvage law almost anything falls under international waters, though military wrecks will normally remain under the jurisdiction of their governments. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest shipwreck treasures ever found and who their fortunes went to.

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